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I believe in doing great things in a humble way. I believe in innovation, quality and superior user experiences as decisive means to creating lasting customer satisfaction, loyalty and brand preference.

I believe in combining hardware, software, services and access into integrated propositions tailored to the individual customer’s needs and thereby making a real difference in the customer’s daily life.

In the Open Economy I believe it to be necessary to create rights clearing and business models that enable all parties to benefit and be part of the value creation.

I believe the Internet is going mobile primarily driven by Telco networks (e.g. 3G, WiFi, LTE), OTT service providers (e.g. Google, Facebook, Twitter, MOG, Spotify) and devices like the smart-phone.

As the internet is going mobile and the Telco industry is moving toward a more holistic focus on services, applications and superior user experiences via e.g. smart phones it is increasingly necessary to take the role as being a service distributor and service inventory manager in the life of the consumer.

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